Photoshoot with DISTRICT’ and DRAMMATICO CHI


A while back in my post about backyard camping I mentioned that I peaced out from the shin dig to head to a photo shoot, well this was it.

Back in July I headed downtown Vancouver for a photo shoot with DISTRICT’ in partnership with Drammatico Chi handbags. I was approached by one of the photographers who said they were taking picture’s of local bloggers, and the style of the shoot was “your interpretation of classy and timeless”.  I of course was honoured to be asked and jumped at the opportunity, being an actor, I do love the camera. I however don’t exactly consider myself super stylish. The way I dress is either super casual or super dressy (depending on the occasion) and I don’t really have a “style” other than minimal. I am not going to lie I fretted about this like no body’s business. But then I decided to embrace ME and this was the result.

Natalie Farrow District'

Natalie Farrow for District'

Natalie Farrow Up Close for District'

This first outfit is something I’d wear on the every day. I could wear this to an audition or out shopping or to a business meeting. That’s what I love about a good solid denim. Here’s the outfit details.

Top: Dynamite | Bottoms: Garage | Shoes: Le Chateau | Necklace: Thrifted | Bag:  R&EM

Natalie Farrow District' 2nd look
Natalie Farrow Second LookNatalie Farrow 2 look outside
This second look pretty much captures my fancy side. I love a classic cut for a dress and a pop of bling. Plus my classic black pumps that I can run in, just in case I need to flee the scene like Cinderella. Here’s the outfit details.

Dress: Thrifted| Designer: Pins and needles | Belt: Bridal Sash from Michaels Craft Store | Bag: R&Em | Shoes: Le Chateau.

IMG_1195editNatalie Farrow close up


This little number is my in between. It’s classy and a little more “fancy” than jeans and a button down, but yet comfortable and minimal. I love this sweater, it’s a beautiful cut it’s super soft and it’s GREY my all time favourite colour. This would be a great outfit for a job interview, a day of meetings, or grabbing coffee with a gal or guy pal. Here’s the outfit details.

Top: Old Navy | Bottoms: Thrifted/Calvin Klein | Shoes: Aldo | Earrings: Old Navy | Bag: R&Em.

I had such a fun day taking these photos, running in and out of Nordstrom (where I changed outfits). I even made friends with the security, because let’s be honest carrying a duffel bag and changing outfits each time you leave the store looks highly suspicious.

drimmatico chi fave
Drammatico Chi Hangbags


A big thank you to DISTRICT’ for having me, taking beautiful photos, and letting me feel confident in my definition of classy and timeless. Make sure you check out their blog (I’ve already linked it above) and on Instagram. A thank you also goes out to Drimmatico Chi who sponsored this photoshoot. They have the most stunning handbags and the designer is local to Vancouver. Their prices are a little high but you get what you pay for as these are high quality and they ooze fashion icon status, which I mean who doesn’t dream of being a fashion icon in their own way, at one point in their life. Hop on over to their site and take a look, maybe snag a sweet bag for yourself. Here’s a picture of two of my favourites!

drimmatico chi fave 2
Drammatico Chi Backpack
drimmatico chi fave 1
Drammatico Chi Mini Clutch




I had such a fun time writing this post, I hope you all liked it! Let me know in the comments below which outfit you would wear and for what occasion! Maybe even pair it with a Drammatico Chi bag?

Natalie Farrow

This post was in partnership with DISTRICT’ and Drammatico Chi but however only reflects my personal opinion of these products/brands.


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